Top 6 really free VPN for Android and iOS

Here I listed Top 6 really free VPN for Android and iOS some with unlimited data and some with metered data.

You should note that free VPN can’t give you high speed internet compare to premium ones though some VPN like windscribe and hotspot shield gives high speed internet both on their free plan and paid plan

Even though some VPN gives you high speed VPN, most of those that provide this high speed free VPN metered the data you can use daily or monthly or they should give you only few days trial and you later subscribe to their premium plans.

But here I listed those that won’t give you few days trial that’s not so useful to protect your online privacy because it’s just for a few days.

Without wasting too much of your time let’s go straight to the list.

[1] Windscribe VPN

Windscribe will always be no 1 if we are talking about about free VPN service. Windscribe gives free users 10gb free data monthly and also ad blocker that includes malware blocker.

You get free 10 server as a free users on windscribe, easy to use VPN with very strong servers even for free users.

Pros of windscribe

Upto 10gb free data allocated to you monthly

Very fast internet speed

cons on windscribe

metered data

may disconnect sometimes without your notice but normal for free users

[2] Hotspot shield VPN

Hotspot shield is no doubt one of the best free VPN with high speed internet for both free and Premium users.

Hotspot shield gives you 500mb daily as a free user and also with a USA free server. Though hotspot shield contains few ads but this is not so bad for a free VPN with premium servers.

pros of Hotspot shield free VPN

Upto 500mb per day to surf the internet with privacy

Very fast internet speed

cons of Hotspot shield free VPN

Unlike windscribe with 10 servers, hotspot shield has only 1 server for free users

[3] Tunnel bear VPN

Tunnel is also one of the best free VPN out there with up to 500mb monthly free data

Tunnel bear really provide Premium privacy for free users even though the server are also limited.

pros of Tunnel bear free VPN

Geo restrictions unblock just like other VPN mentioned before

cons of Tunnel bear free VPN

500mb per month limited data

Limited servers like others

[4] Proton VPN

Proton VPN is one of the best free VPN that gives no restrictions for data like others high speed free VPN

As a free user of proton VPN you get access to 3 free servers, USA, Netherlands and Japan you will need a subscription to get more servers and unlock high speed servers

pros of proton VPN

Unlimited data

Upto 3 servers

cons of proton VPN

not so fast like others

[5] HA Tunnel plus VPN

Ha tunnel doesn’t have premium users like others and provide unlimited data with no restrictions

HA Tunnel also has some payload servers which you can connect to and also has gaming servers.

pros of HA Tunnel plus

Unlimited free data

Fast gaming servers

cons of HA Tunnel plus

Uses battery too much

Not so fast

[6] Thunder VPN

Thunder VPN is unlimited and free, Thunder vpn also has some premium servers which is strictly for premium users only but the free servers is already ok to surf internet and unblock geo restricted sites.

You don’t need to register to start using Thunder VPN, once you installed it you already have access to their free servers

pros of Thunder vpn

No data restriction

No registration required

cons of Thunder VPN

Limited server for free users

App closes sometimes

Here are the listed free servers vpn, you can check HERE for free internet vpns.


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