Top 3 best online banking that gives you personal account number in Nigeria

Online banking are growing massively in Nigeria now cause most people are tired of the stress they are getting In nigerian banks and this as cause most people running to online banking that has less stress compare to all this banks.

These 3 online bank accounts gives you free account number and some even give you your own personal credit or debit card and even dollar card.

Some online bank that I mentioned here will still be paying you some bonuses for using their app to carry out some transactions, Transfer fund, Recharge card, paying electricity, water bills, internet and so on.

[1] Palmpay App

Palmpay is around for long now and currently available in some African countries like Nigeria and Ghana and are looking to expand more in the future.

Palmpay has office in Ikeja, lagos Nigeria.

PalmPay is a mobile payment platform, duly licensed and regulated by the central bank of Nigeria, designed to create a rewarding financial experience for Nigerians.The PalmPay account allows you to control your money and make payments to friends and family, buy airtime, or pay bills. They also give you rewards via PalmPoints and coupons which can be redeemed or saved for later. PalmPay keeps you safe and secure by using the latest technology.

You can get upto 15% Cashback on your airtime purchases and more awesome rewards on the palmpay app.

You can get the palmpay app on google play store and register to get your own personal account number on palmpay app for free.

How to get palmpay account number

After downloading the palmpay app on play store and registered successfully, palmpay will let you use the mobile number you use doing registration as your palmpay account number.

[2] Kuda

Kuda has been on play store since 2019 and already has 1m+ downloads till date on the platform.

Kuda let you make free transfers and also save your money on the app for free without maintenance fee like most Nigeria banks.

Kuda online banking App gives you free debit card either virtual card or physical card after you deposit #1000 or more on the kuda app though they won’t collect any amount from the money you saved and you will be the one to use it for anything you want to use it for.

Download kuda app on play store and register to get your own personal account number and have access to 25 free transfers monthly and even get 15% on the money you saved in the App.

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[3] Alat by wema

Alat by wema has been on Google play store since 2017 and has more than 1m downloads already with 3.9 rating on Google play store which I think is normal.

Creating account on Alat app is just like creating a bank account in Nigeria cause Alat is owns by popular Nigeria bank (WEMA).

Alat online banking App will give you your own personal account number immediately you created account with them and also you get free dollar card after you deposited upto #2000 on the App.

Alat also gives you both physical and virtual naira card which is free after you deposited #2000 or more on their App and you verify your identity with BVN which is compulsory for all Nigeria digital banking for KYC (know your customer)

You already knows that you can’t spend more than $100 per month In nigeria with your card cause it’s prohibited currently in Nigeria by CBN (central bank of nigeria)

This is why you need to use an online banking like Alat by wema cause with this App you can do unlimited dollar transactions in Nigeria with no restrictions like all Nigeria banks that CBN (central bank of nigeria) stops from letting their customers do.

Their are still some alternative to this apps like banter by flutterwave, V by VFD, Chipper cash and more alternatives.

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