How to unshare data on glo without knowing the number

How to unshare data on glo without knowing the number?

You can unshare someone using your data without needing to know the person or the number and easiest way to do this is by Dialing *127*00#.’

After dialing this on your phone dialer it will show you all numbers sharing your data without your knowledge. After you find this just write it down and go back to dial *777#.

After it shows you a popup to reply with any number listed just reply with 1 and after that you will get a new popup kindly reply with 3 and now there will be a new popup that told you to choose 1 or 2, when you reply with 1 this means you want to share your data plan with another GLO customer, 2 is to unshare does you are already sharing your data plan with.

Now reply with 2 and then enter the number you want stop from sharing your data plan and it will later send you a confirmation SMS in order for you to know maybe it’s successful or not.

Note that sometimes it may told you that it is successful but if you check this people will still be using your data plan, don’t worry when this situation happen you will need to call their customer care number in order to remove the number completely.

How to transfer airtime on GLO

If you have an active airtime balance you can also transfer to another glo user by dialing *131*the recipient number*amount of airtime you want to transfer*your transfer code#

Recipient number is the phone number of the GLO user you want to transfer your airtime to

Amount of airtime is the amount you will like to transfer to the person

Your transfer code is the 5 digit code you set already, the default code is always 00000 but you will need to change this to any number of your choice like 12345 or any number you can quickly remember.

To change the default code dial *132*default code*new code*new code#

The default code is 00000 if you have never change this before and you will need to put the new code you want to use there twice, for example if the new code will be 88888 just dial *132*00000*88888*88888#.

How to check airtime balance on GLO

To check your airtime balance on GLO just go to your phone dialer and dial #124*1# you will probably get an SMS of your current balance, you can use your airtime balance to subscribe to any data plan of your choice by dialing *777# and follow the prompt

How to check data balance on GLO

To check your current data balance on GLO network, go to your dialer and dial *127*0# and you will get an SMS of your current data balance.

You can also check data balance by dialing *777# and follow the prompt.

How to check my GLO number

You can check your GLO number in two simple steps, go to your dialer and dial *135*8# or you can know also know your glo mobile number in by calling 1244 and listen to the voice and you should make sure you dial it on your glo number.

How to migrate to Glo berekete

If you are a old GLO user you probably may not be in GLO berekete tarrif plan this plan is the best GLO tarriff plan currently after the GLO yakata, Berekete is now the best Glo tarriff plan with 700% bonus to call all network and free data on every recharge of #100 or more.

To migrate to GLO berekete dial *777# and reply with 3 you will then get a popup that says enjoy 700% bonus to call all networks + free data on all recharge. Reply with 1 to migrate and dial #100# to check if it successful. you can learn more about how to check glo berekete airtime and data balance.


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