How to apply for opay POS machine full guide 2021

How to apply for OPAY POS machine complete guide

To apply for opay POS you need some requirements to meet cause no banks both online will give you POS without collecting your Info down to avoid fraud and make sure you are genuine.

Complete guide to register for opay POS machine

If you are new to OPAY App, you will need to create account by providing your mobile number and verify the ‘OTP” they sent to you immediately you enter your mobile number. The next page they will ask you to fill your personal details such as surname, middle name and last name, after that you can you can set the 6 digit password that you can remember because this is what you will use incase you want to login next time.

Immediately you complete the registration on the opay app they will put you in kyc level 1 because you are not verified yet. let’s get to the main topic for those that has already registered.

How to apply for OPAY POS machine

First click on the fifth menu where they wrote ‘ME

At the upper left corner you will find where they wrote ”Unverified” click on it

After clicking on that they will show you the level you are which is level 1 for new user that has not go through the KYC step before and has not yet verified there BVN

Now click on the downward button “Upgrade to KYC 2

They will ask you to enter your 11 digit BVN (Bank verification number) and this must match with the provided when signing up

After you enter that click on verify BVN

After completing this step you will need to wait for 24 hour for opay to verify you details and after they sent you message that you are verified you will need to do the step you did before to upgrade to KYC level 3 now.

To upgrade to KYC level 3 you need to do exactly how you upgraded to level 2 but they will ask for different information this time like you will need to provide your National identity card or number, upload your recent NEPA bill, Upload your face cam and so on.

After you upgraded to KYC level 3 you will still need to upgrade to merchant level by providing your address, name of your business and some other information they asked.

After upgrading your KYC to merchant level you will need to:

  • Make use of the transfer to bank feature as much as possible
  • Make up to 150 bank transfers with a minimum value of 1 million naira in 4 weeks
  • Upgrade KYC to Agent level

Congratulations you are now qualified to own an OPAY POS!

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How to deposit or transfer to any bank with OPAY POS App??

Open the OPAY app you will see Transfer button beside add money click on it it will then ask you where you want to transfer to just click on Transfer to Bank account to send money to non beneficiary account.

After that you will see a drop down where they wrote select bank just click on it and it will list all Nigeria bank including PALMPAY and ALAT by WEMA. click the your beneficiary bank account there then proceed by typing the beneficiary bank account number and amount, You can leave a message to be send to the beneficiary though this is optional. proceed by clicking done and it will bring the name of the account you typed for you to confirm if you are sending to the original beneficiary if correct you can proceed and type your password when asked to complete the transaction.

IF you still have a question to ask you comment and i will reply as soon as possible.

How long will it take to review my application for OPAY POS machine?

Normally it takes less than 24 hours but it may takes up to a week so don’t be afraid and always check your mail if they have approved your application.


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