Adsterra 1000 impressions is how much? Adsterra best ads format in 2021

Before joining any ads network you should confirm if your traffic will earn you reasonable amount on the network. Adsterra 1000 impressions depends on your traffic and no ads network will tell you exact amount you can make for the traffic you are getting on your blog or websites. Adsterra 1000 impression will make you nothing less than $0.1 in regards of the ads format.

For ads platform like adsterra don’t expect to make reasonable amount for just 1000 impression not only adsterra but all ads network generally cause what you earn depends on what the advertiser pays so for you to start getting reasonable amount like $1000 monthly you will need to be getting more than 1million impressions per month and this doesn’t mean you will really earn up to that amount but this can increase your earnings much if you are getting reasonable visitors daily not only for adsterra but for all ads network including ADSENSE, MGID, propeller ads and so on.

On adsterra your earnings depends on your traffic source, which country your visitors are from, ads format and visitors devices if its mobile phone, Tablet or desktop.

Adsterra 1000 impressions can make me how much for Nigeria traffic?

Well if you use the adsterra pop under i think this is the highest CPM ads format for adsterra 1000 impressions on this ads format you can’t make less than $0.9 for Nigeria traffic but will you want to use this type of ads format that will redirect your website visitors to ads site when they click on anything on your website? This is quietly frustrating cause this will increase your bounce rate badly and it will really affect your ranking on google and other search engines like BING, yahoo, Yandex, DuckDuck GO and so on.

learn how fix adsterra redirect problem

If am the user on your site and i face this kind of redirection i will probably leave your site and when ever i come across your site next time on google i won’t want to click it. The adsterra pop under is only useful for films downloading or film streaming site and also you can use this type of ads network on music downloading websites.

Adsterra 1000 impressions rate
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The second alternative to pop under in terms of high cpm and cpc is adsterra social bar cause advertisers are really investing on this ads format currently and this type of ads format doesn’t affect your visitor much cause it only shows on top or at the bottom of your users device depends on where you placed it and has high cpm and cpc rate compare to other ads format.

If you don’t have a blog or you are running a downloading sites adsterra has ads unit which is suitable for you and has high cpc also though you will only earn when someone click on it. Direct link can be used to monetize Apps or Downloading site by creating a fake button or put any image to cover this code so whenever someone click on that image or fake download button you will earn some few bucks on adsterra. You can also monetize your social media page, Telegram or Youtube videos with this ads format.

To get reasonable amount for Adsterra 1000 impressions you should go for any of this ads format cause they has the highest CPM and CPC rate on adsterra and also there is a new ads format on adsterra called fast pre roll video, this type of ads format will let you monetize video for those that wants to watch or embed videos on your site. You can choose to play ads at the beginning or at the end of any video you use VAST on. This ads format is mostly used by illegal video streamers and sport highlights streamer to monetize all traffic.


Adsterra 1000 impressions can make me how much?

It depends on your visitors locations, Ads format and traffic source

Adsterra 1000 impressions can make me how much with pop under ads format?

You will earn from $0.5 – $10 for 1000 impressions

Best ads format for music bloggers?

Direct link, social bar and banner. you can also use popunder for desktop users

How to fix Adsterra redirect problem

I think the best way to fix that is to avoid using popunder ads format or set it for desktop users visibility only. i created a post about How to fix Adsterra redirect problem you can check it out for full details.


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